Alan Wake 2 Update Patch Released By Remedy Addressing Bugs and Glitches

Alan Wake 2 update patch

Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind popular titles like Control and Alan Wake, has released a new Alan wake 2 update addressing bugs and glitches across multiple games. The patch includes fixes for Control, Coffee World, We Sing, Old Gods, Room 665, Scratch, and Zane’s Film.

The patch addresses a variety of issues, including:

  • Control: Players will now experience significantly less button mashing, especially on keyboards.
  • Coffee World: The clue about the Kalevala workshop now unlocks at the correct time, a Manuscript page that was previously missing has been found, and cups from Slow Roaster and carriages from Espresso Express will no longer block player progress.
  • We Sing: The cursor should now appear correctly on the Plot board during the mission.
  • Old Gods: The key fob from Rose will now spawn correctly for players, players will now be able to trigger the call from Tor and place evidence on the Case Board, and players will now be able to enter the Overlap upon dying.
  • Room 665: Players will no longer get stuck in the Break Room, and the Echo will now respawn in the instance that the player doesn’t watch the video to the very end.
  • Scratch: Players will now be able to talk to FBC agent Estevez and come up with a New Plan to progress the mission, Saga will no longer end up in Dark Place after the point of no return, and players will no longer get their progress blocked if changing to another case.
  • Zane’s Film: Tim Breaker’s map now properly reveals the Word of Power location behind the cinema.

The patch is expected to improve the overall gameplay experience for players of all affected titles. The fixes for Control, in particular, are expected to make the game more accessible to players who have difficulty with fast-paced action sequences.


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