Apple’s Upcoming Affordable MacBook: What To Expect?

Affordable MacBook

Apple lovers have something to look forward to a brand-new MacBook that doesn’t feel heavy on their pocket. With a surprising move, Apple is preparing to introduce a more affordable MacBook, with a price tag of $700 or less. This launch aims to position Apple to compete with Chromebooks and other Windows laptops, ahead of the row of traditional and high-end lineups.

The journey to this budget-friendly MacBook began with leaks that came out in February. At first, it looked just rumors as Apple is known for its premium and pricey devices. The initial leak hinted at the revival of the 12-inch MacBook, but this is powered by Apple’s own silicon. The past models of 12-inch were famous for their sleek design and lightweight but lost that lead because of their overheating issue due to their Intel processor. While Apple’s M1 and M2 demonstrate impressive efficiency, the new MacBook also promises better battery life and optimal performance.


The new MacBook is rumored to come in two sizes -12 inches and 13 inches easier for students and on-the-go users. Also, the variant may come with 12GB of RAM or more which is a significant move. A noteworthy feature is the inclusion of a single USB Type-C port along with a MagSafe charging port.

Launch Date

The expected release for the affordable Macbook is set for the second half of 2024.

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